Ask an Author. Answer a Dream.

It’s Friday and I need your help.

I am going to try something new on the blog, and not just because @restlessmaria’s new favourite word is “diablogue.” But because we, Restless Writers, made a lovely new friend at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference and she has oodles of intelligence to share with writers. And well, I/we want to know everything when it comes to getting published—in this lifetime.

I am talking about YA author Denise Jaden (LOSING FAITH) and she will be visiting our blog next week to answer YOUR QUESTIONS. I am prepping my must-answer-list for Denise and would love to include your questions in the interview.

But first, a quick introduction to Denise Jaden by way of 6 random factoids:

  • She is a professional Polynesian dancer
  • She once was a mushroom farmer
  • She is one tough cookie and can kick your ass
  • She just passed the 43k mark on her NaNo novel
  • She brought the biggest bottle of wine to our Hotel Tweet-up
  • Her debut novel, Losing Faith has been named a Best Book of 2010!

So, if you are living in the world of query mayhem and manuscript submission (like me), and you have burning questions on how to get published—post your question in “comments” and check back to the blog next week for a response.

 Stay tuned!



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8 responses to “Ask an Author. Answer a Dream.

  1. I have a writer/blogger question for Denise: what exactly is a blog tour, how did you organize it, and was it worthwhile?

    Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions…

  2. Stella

    Tell us about the moment you got to first hold your book and see your name in print. Did you do a happy-dance, or better yet, perhaps a happy polynesian-dance?

  3. Denise, I am querying my pants off and getting a good handful of full MS requests from agents (I’ve had 6 and still waiting to hear back…). How many full requests did you get before you got THE “call?” I am on pins & needles!

    Thanks for entertaining our questions 🙂

  4. elena

    Can’t wait for the new diablouge!! Bring it RestleSs Writers!

  5. Hi Denise,

    What question(s) do you think writers should ask agents if/when they get “the call”?

    Thanks so much for offering your time…


  6. W/\Lter

    If an agent calls or contacts you, what are five questions that should be answered before you hang up the phone with them? How can we be sure they mean business?

  7. Here’s a question for Denise:

    On your website, under advice for writers, you say “Writing can be lonely, but it isn’t a lone process.” Do you have a support group that you turn to for critique, advice and motivation?


  8. Thanks for the questions! Watch for the interview post soon with our guest, Denise Jaden.

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