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Some of us write great stories. But all of us live them.

For those of you still looking for ideas for Christmas, here’s one: Chicken Soup for the Soul O Canada by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Amy Newmark.

This week, I received a call to do a media interview for Chicken Soup as I am a contributor to this edition! My story, From Vile to Vegas appears in Chapter Nine: Life Lessons and is about a home reno project—one that was full of drips, drama, and dazzle. Sure, renovations aren’t typically associated with celebrating Canadian culture but why shouldn’t they be? I think being Canadian is about having a story—and we all have them. I had written the story based on personal experience, and my writing group encouraged me to submit it. The journey to flow, form, and function (it was a bathroom reno) was honest, humorous, and oh so frighteningly real.

Chicken Soup for the Soul O Canada is full of inspirational, amusing, and encouraging stories that will touch the heart of any Canadian. Stories include a wide range of topics written by Canadians, from daily life to Canadian holidays, along with tales from tourists and visitors. In addition to the 101 stories contributed by everyday Canadians, personal bonus stories from Amy Sky, Marc Jordan, Matt Duchene, George Kourounis, Laura Robinson and lyrics from Liona Boyd’s upcoming album, “The Return,” start every chapter.

Being a part of the Chicken Soup for the Soul family has been a positive experience for me. If you like to write (and need some publishing credits under your belt), check out their submission guidelines at They are always looking for new contributors to share stories of hope, courage, and inspiration.

Has anyone else been published in Chicken Soup? What was your experience like?



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How my e-reader changed my life

This post is dedicated to my Sony (touch) e-reader. I’m totally in love with its metallic and utilitarian charm. And here’s why.

It all began with my pre-Christmas read: SHIVER by urban fantasy novelist, Maggie Stiefvater—a lyrical story of alienated werewolves and first love. A poetic and heartbreaking read about living two lives in two forms and the fight to stay human. This book, I read in my hands. I turned the pages with my fingers. And I could smell that synthetic new-book smell of mystery and broken secrets.

Then Christmas happened. And my e-reader entered my nightstand. I wasn’t sure at first what to do with it or how this new bit of technology would change my life. But it did. I decided to purchase the electronic copy of LINGER, the searing sequel to SHIVER (Book #2 in the Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy)—the mythical continuation of the struggles of merging wolf and human forms. Another great read. Only this time, I read the book on a flat matte white screen. And in one hand. I turned the pages with the touch of my fingertip. And I could smell that mushroom-like smell of new technology. And I simply loved it.

If you’re wondering about the adjustment from paper to screen, it really took no time at all. It was all about the book really. A good story wins hands down. And Maggie had me at page one (aka screen one): “This is the story of a boy who used to be a wolf and a girl who was becoming one.”  This e-book, without a doubt, gives whole new meaning to the expression: “a real page turner.”

So, what else makes the e-reader awesome? It weighs about the same as a book. It’s super easy to use. You can make the font-size “granny-large” for those days when you need a little boost. You can hold it in one hand. And you can dress it, with accessories like a leather case and a mini light. The most difficult part has been peeling it from between my husband’s fingers. Apparently, the sacred texts of THE NOTEBOOKS OF LEONARDO DA VINCI are quite mesmerizing. 

Ladies, be careful what you wish for when you ask for something shiny. You might just get a sparkly new e-reader! A word to the wise: no two e-readers are the same. I encourage you to do your research (Google “e-reader reviews”).

I am officially partaking in the e-reader frenzy and I can’t wait to download the explosive third instalment of FOREVER (Book #3 to be released July 12, 2011) because I absolutely must find out what happens to the wolves of Mercy Falls…    



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