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A room of my own

My husband is very respectful of the time I need to write.

If I’m typing away, he does not interrupt me with invitations to watch television; requests to sample his latest culinary feat; and pleas to, for the love of God, vacuum the stairs.

What is more of a challenge is ensuring I have space of my own in which to write, and the home office is getting a bit crowded with stuff. The stuff belongs to both of us—it’s mine and ours. Things like:

  • All the books we own
  • Wrapping paper and ribbons
  • An extra dining room chair
  • Malfunctioning Roomba parts
  • Cat litter
  • A recently acquired set of encyclopedias
  • Three empty CPUs
  • Textbooks, binders and sundries from my hubby’s cooking classes

While it’s easy to simply clear a path, settle into the office chair and peck away at the keyboard—because physically, what else do I need?—I find that I want more space for writing.

I want elbow room on the desk for when I peer out the window and noodle out a plot problem. I’d like to install a coffee pot so I don’t have to run up and down the stairs. I want a reading table so I don’t have to set up a secondary workstation in the living room every time I read the latest Writer’s Digest.

I need less ours and more mine.

How do my fellow Restless Writers carve out space at home to write?


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