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WriteOnCon: Online Children’s Writers Conference

How would you like to attend a Writing Conference in your PJ’s?

Well, now you can! Registration opens July 1st for a FREE online writer’s conference for kidlit writers–called WriteOnCon. The conference is rated MC-18, for Main Characters under 18 only and is created by writers, for writers.

If you are a YA, Middle Grade or Children’s writer looking for a convention that works with your busy schedule and limited budget–then this is for YOU.

When? August 10-12, 2010
How? Various forms of social media

Why attend? Because Steven Malk, Catherine Drayton, Michelle Andelman, Suzie Townsend, Mark McVeigh, Joanna Stampfel-Volpe, Kathleen Ortiz, Lindsay Eland, Dan Ehrehaft, Mandy Hubbard, Lindsey Leavitt, Josh Berk, Anica Rissi, Jodi Meadows and many, many more will be joining YOU.

If you are serious about your writing, irrespective of the genre, then you already know the benefits of attending a writer’s conference certainly outweigh the decision not to attend. So, what are you doing August 10th?

Need help “Making the most out of a writing conference? Click here.


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We’re Ready For Our Close Up

Who is your celebrity doppelganger? Do people tell you so-and-so should play you in a movie? My best one was Marissa Tomei. The worst? Rosie O’Donnell. Also, after I got an unfortunate haircut in the late 90’s, Monica Lewinsky (seriously – I was stopped in the street about it).

Being a fiction writer and pop culture junkie, I’m always holding casting sessions in my mind for my stories. (FYI, Nia Vardalos, you are the lead in my manuscript, along with Bradley Cooper. You’re welcome.)

At our most recent, booze-infused meeting, the topic came up of who we would want to play us in a movie, tentatively titled “Champagne: A Love Story”.

First up, Maria.

This one was easy: Christina Hendricks. They each have beautiful crimson tresses, quiet intelligence and an impressive rack. Also, both can rock the naughty secretary thing like nobody’s business.

Casting Beckie was a bit more tricky.

We tossed out Mena Suvari, Alicia Silverstone and Kate Hudson. But to me, they’re too ingénue. Too obvious. Our little Beckie has some seriously delicious quirks that those ladies don’t capture for me. So, Leelee Sobieski it is. She’s super cute and you just know her still waters run very deep.

And me?

I’m gonna go with Nigella Lawson. Sure, she’s not an actress, but she’s got big-ass hair, isn’t afraid to show some cleavage (hers real, mine more of an optical illusion) and is a mad demon in the kitchen.

And, in case you haven’t noticed, food plays a vital role in a Restless Writers’ meeting, much like New York City is the fourth character in Sex and the City.

Who would play you in the movie of you?


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Perfectly published

One of my stories, “A Perfect Envelope,” was published today on Every Day Fiction, a must-visit flash fiction site. I’m seriously excited. Here’s a link:

If you like it, rate it! And I’d love to hear your comments.

And if you want a new story in your inbox every day, sign up at



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A Magical Time to Write: Summer Solstice

Do you feel a little more inspired today?

We’re celebrating Summer Solstice 2010, the first day of summer—also the longest day of the year, with the shortest night (night owls: take note).

Solstice represents a time of newness, nourishment and sustenance, a movement from dark to light, rebirth, and healing. It’s a time to turn attention toward inner balance—between our dark and light sides—as well as those forces in the world around us. An occasion of great change, Midsummer is a time to contemplate healing, nurturing and nourishing of ourselves & the earth.

Summer solstice is also the perfect time to start writing and/or perhaps give a writing project new life. What do ya say restless writers?

 On The Summer Solstice …
“Whatever is dreamed on this night, will come to pass.”

William Shakespeare – Acknowledging the magic of this time in A Mid-Summernight’s Dream



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Making the most out of a writing conference: Five tips

The Restless Writers are planning to attend at least part of the Surrey International Writers’ Conference (SiWC) in October. This highly respected conference is a whirlwind mix of workshops, keynote speakers, master classes, trade shows and editor/agent appointments, plus a Blue Pencil Café where writers can connect directly with speakers.

The speaker line-up is exciting—Anne Perry, Jack Whyte, Diana Gabaldon, kc dyer, Tim Wynne-Jones—plus there’s a whole host of editors and agents from the literary and film industries, all hoping to sign some great new talent.

I’ve just been through two jam-packed conferences (the Indexing Society of Canada annual conference in Montreal and the Canadian Public Relations Society annual conference in Regina), and I’ve picked up a few tricks to make the most out of any conference experience:

  1. Rest up…you’re going to need it: Most conferences pack heaps of activities into two or three days. So take your vitamins, boys and girls, and get a lot of sleep beforehand.
  2. Have a learning strategy: Decide what you want to achieve at this conference. If your current WIP is an agent-ready non-fiction proposal, focus on maximizing your time in those one-on-one appointments. If you’re still in the first-draft stage, plan to check out “Creating Memorable Characters” or “Worldbuilding.”
  3. Reach out at the networking events: Even if you’re not the schmoozing type, take a deep breath (and some mints) and start talking to other conference attendees. You might find yourself befriending an editor who works with the agent you’ve been trying to snag, or a picture-book writer who knows some phenomenal illustrators. One serendipitous meeting might be the best thing that happens to you.
  4. Be inspired: You’ve just heard Robert McCammon talk about perfecting dialogue and you’ve had a breakthrough on a key scene. Go ahead—skip lunch to spend some quality time with your laptop. This is why you’ve used valuable vacation days to attend this conference. Get writing!
  5. Review and reflect: You’ve just had three days of intensive workshops, stimulating conversations and the odd epiphany. Don’t let it go to waste. Take some tips from 8-bit Holly, and act on what you’re learned.

If any of our readers have tips for making the most out of our experience at SiWC, we’d love to hear them!


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We’re 1 year old and already toilet trained!

It was a year ago that our little band of restless writers was born. We met like most people do these days – online. I posted a ‘group wanted’ notice on Brian Henry’s most excellent blog and the rest is history.

Beckie is our social media maven – a commenting crusader who tweets ‘til it hurts. Without her, our following would likely be limited to immediate relatives and each other.

Maria is the queen of the quill – an enormously talented and technical writer with a limitless supply of resources for writers in all stages of their vocation.

And me? I just write about how I never have the time or space to write.

Since coming together last year, we have collectively:
· Revised a 300-page women’s fiction manuscript
· Consumed over 20 bottles of wine while scarfing 8 rounds of brie
· Revised a young adult fiction manuscript and children’s non-fiction proposal
· Guzzled Sangria as we nibbled on truckloads of baguettes (with associated dips)
· Uttered, “Holy crap!” countless times when reading Maria’s charmingly disturbing short stories
· Convinced Maria that at least 3 of her short stories must become full novels
· Drank enough Strongbow Cider to fill a hot tub

Our second year looks to be even more promising, with writing conferences and retreats in the works (and, of course, lots of wine). I hope you all keep dropping by our blog…we’ve loved having you…

As for you, Beckie and Maria: happy anniversary…I love you, bitches!



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Librarians go gaga for Lady Gaga

Librarians are not only information trained professionals but they are YouTube celebrities! 

I came across this video on the blog of Nicole Humphrey Cook and had to share. I’m still trying to figure out how to react to this video, shyly admitting it IS mildly entertaining!


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Restless Writing Resources

We restless writers are always looking for new resources that inspire. We have recently updated our resource links on the site, including:

  • Inspiration
  • Staying out of the rejection pile
  • Fun dictionaries
  • Agent search
  • Query help
  • Reference
  • Places to publish

Check it out here: Resources for Writers.

If you have a favorite to add–please let us know in the comments section.


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FIFA fo fum

I smell the blood of a futball fan,
Be he kicking, or be he falling
I’ll match his cheers, lest he be balling!
– W. O. Scattolon (12-June-2010)

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Writing Roots

Beckie wrote about when she writes, which got me thinking about where I write.

I’m writing this blog post at the hairdresser. I have a ridiculous amount of hair (think Witch Hazel of Bugs Bunny fame) that was gray before I hit thirty. At forty, a swathe of sidewalk-gray roots is visible every 3 weeks. My point being, I spend a lot of time – not to mention money – at my salon.

The upshot of this is that the hairdresser’s chair affords me the opportunity to write, uninterrupted, for almost an hour (as long as I can resist the siren song of People and Vanity Fair).

Being in such a public yet confined space, I’m surrounded by fascinating characters and conversations – many have made their way into my writing. I know coffee shops are a haven for countless writers; one friend writes her best work in the tub; many find inspiration at pubs or lounges (note to self: must try that).

Where do you do your best writing?



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