Writing Roots

Beckie wrote about when she writes, which got me thinking about where I write.

I’m writing this blog post at the hairdresser. I have a ridiculous amount of hair (think Witch Hazel of Bugs Bunny fame) that was gray before I hit thirty. At forty, a swathe of sidewalk-gray roots is visible every 3 weeks. My point being, I spend a lot of time – not to mention money – at my salon.

The upshot of this is that the hairdresser’s chair affords me the opportunity to write, uninterrupted, for almost an hour (as long as I can resist the siren song of People and Vanity Fair).

Being in such a public yet confined space, I’m surrounded by fascinating characters and conversations – many have made their way into my writing. I know coffee shops are a haven for countless writers; one friend writes her best work in the tub; many find inspiration at pubs or lounges (note to self: must try that).

Where do you do your best writing?



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3 responses to “Writing Roots

  1. I’m definitely someone who writes best at my computer but will happily jot notes anywhere.

  2. bjas

    I do my best writing at home–in my office, or outside on the front porch–and even squeezed into the odd lunch hour at work. I can’t do the Starbucks-writing thing, far too many distractions, not to mention good smells & deadly treats!

  3. We write best in our studio (okay it’s Tricia’s garage…) and we seem to find random inspiration at restaurants. We’ve even found it at the mall food court. So we like to eat and write 😉 We need to start carrying around paper, it’s getting tough to find napkins (which is usually what we end up using).

    Great blog!

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