This page features our current writing projects—be it a short story, a novel, or a shopping list.

What Maria is working on:

  • “Special Collections” (short story, in progress. Seriously, I need to wrap this one up!)
  • “Meg of the Lakes” (short story, in progress)
  • “Something in the Water” (novel, urban fantasy, in progress)
  • “Camy’s Chains” (novel, urban fantasy, in progress)
  • A Restless Writers event! Stay tuned for more details.

What Beckie is working on:

What Andrea is working on:

  • “The Messy Art of Motherhood” (one-woman show, in progress)
  • “Dean…Now and Then” (novel, creative non-fiction, in progress)
  • My Simple Desires” (blog of life musings, always in progress, but not always as frequently updated as simply desired)

What Sharon is working on:

  • “The Woo Woo Comes Through” (personal essay submitted to Chicken Soup for the Soul, March 2013)
  • “No School. No Way. No How.” (children’s picture book, in progress)
  • “Too da loo Mary Lou” (children’s picture book, in progress)