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Ask an Author. Answer a Dream.

It’s Friday and I need your help.

I am going to try something new on the blog, and not just because @restlessmaria’s new favourite word is “diablogue.” But because we, Restless Writers, made a lovely new friend at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference and she has oodles of intelligence to share with writers. And well, I/we want to know everything when it comes to getting published—in this lifetime.

I am talking about YA author Denise Jaden (LOSING FAITH) and she will be visiting our blog next week to answer YOUR QUESTIONS. I am prepping my must-answer-list for Denise and would love to include your questions in the interview.

But first, a quick introduction to Denise Jaden by way of 6 random factoids:

  • She is a professional Polynesian dancer
  • She once was a mushroom farmer
  • She is one tough cookie and can kick your ass
  • She just passed the 43k mark on her NaNo novel
  • She brought the biggest bottle of wine to our Hotel Tweet-up
  • Her debut novel, Losing Faith has been named a Best Book of 2010!

So, if you are living in the world of query mayhem and manuscript submission (like me), and you have burning questions on how to get published—post your question in “comments” and check back to the blog next week for a response.

 Stay tuned!



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Ten reasons why November is the perfect time to write

Now!The Restless Writers were considering participating in NaNoWriMo this year. But one lingering bout with the flu, one schedule so busy that peeing had to be optional, and one flood of new freelance work all added up to a resounding not this year.

This doesn’t mean we’re not writing. We just have to do without the accountability, tips and motivational supports built into the NaNoWriMo community.

For those of you like us who are not part of the NaNo tsunami, here are some reasons why this month is still a great time to write:

10. We’re fresh off the flight from SiWC. Time to leverage that motivation into some ambitious word counts.

9. No-one’s getting any younger.

8. It’s getting cold outside, but it’s nice and toasty in front of your computer.

7. You won’t feel bad when you see those “Wrimos” tweeting their daily word counts, because you’ll be holding your own. (P.S. Tweets count…don’t they?)

6. Tweeting word counts—and not embellishing—will give you a warm fuzzy feeling, like a snifter of Drambuie.

5. Even though Scrivener for Windows isn’t yet available, now is a great time to check out some other software, like PageFour, RoughDraft and WriteWay Pro and see what you want to put on your Christmas wish list. See more options here.

4. What else will you do during the post-Halloween and pre-Christmas shopping and party marathons?

3. You still have two months to reach those writing goals you set for yourself last New Year’s. (Unless you’re @RestlessBJas, and you set your goals in September.)

2. There are no more reality show finales to distract you.

1. You’re a writer. This is your calling. Today is just another day that you have the chance to bring your stories to the world. So get to it!

Good luck to Wrimos and non-Wrimos alike!


PS: This was our 100th post. Cue the balloons, party hats, and wine in a box!


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