Let us write! Let us write! Let us write! (sung in a falalalala kind of way)

Holiday meetings are the best.

Our writing group held its final meeting for the year and oh what fun it was! There were pretty gifts and sprinkled cupcakes—and heck, even prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe. And PAGES; yes, we managed to consume treats, whilst still making time for each of our critiques.

We worked through 2 queries (1 rated PG-13; 1 rated G), 1 red carpet synopsis, 1 alien picture book manuscript, and 1 sleep-inducing essay (or not) for the insomniacs among us. We were also fortunate to receive personal feedback from LD’s 6 year-old son, aka the Simon Cowell of children’s literature, who we lured a critique from with Lindt chocolate Kinder eggs.

All in all, it was a productive meeting, with ‘minutes’ to boot, albeit recorded on a yellow sticky note (the jumbo kind—with lines). It was a terrific meeting, stuffed full of encouragement and advice (and a party dress exchange?) as we journey the road together to that paranormal place called publication.

And so, for the record, here are the sparkly business bits.

Restless Writers commitments for 2011:

  • LD: to tweak her query & synopsis for sending to agents in January
  • LD: to do a proposed table of contents for her humour non-fiction project
  • LD: to submit a story to Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • MM: to revise her sleep essay for submission to the Globe & Mail
  • MM: to clear her plate of indexes (for good, this time)
  • BJ: to revise her picture book and send the baby to agents
  • BJ: to continue querying her middle-grade fiction

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all! May you have the time, the wine, and the gusto to write your pants off this season.



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7 responses to “Let us write! Let us write! Let us write! (sung in a falalalala kind of way)

  1. Holy productivity, batwomen! Looking forward to hearing of even more successes next year (and to a possible Calgary meet-up!)

  2. Ha! Actually, the Calgary writing retreat/meet-up definitely made the convo! It’s on the “next mtg” list! How fun!

  3. Gah – resolutions/commitments are now out there…guess I’d better do ’em…

  4. Two words: damn straight. 🙂

  5. WAlter

    Time to take stock and stock the wine rack for 2011! Way to go keeping the momentum going this past year and for setting go-go-go goals for the year to come. Gee, wonder what Calgary is like? (I am sure you will tell me all about it soon enough….) Happy New Year everyone…. !

  6. Elena

    You ladies are so darn productive! And yes…Calgary writing retreat…let’s book it!!

  7. bjas

    Thanks for the comment! Calgary is on the agenda for our next meeting. When is it the warmest? That is when we will come….haha.

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