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Listening to the Woo Woo

The manuscript is complete. Edits are finalized. Query letter is as perfect as it’s ever gonna get. Agents have been researched. Submission guidelines followed to a T. So why haven’t I sent a single one? Because the shamanic astrologer told me to wait.

No, seriously. I met this fella and he gave me a two-hour reading. Part of that focused on my writing and apparently the stars, etc. are suggesting I hold off for a month or so before approaching agents. Now I love a good psychic and even read tarot cards myself, but I also spill salt with abandon and break the odd mirror without a second thought.

Why am I listening this time? Maybe because Halloween is around the corner. Or it’s an excuse to perfect my procrastination skills. Whatever the underlying reason, I figure if it’s taken me this long (“this long” being three years) to get this show on the road, what’s another month?



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