What Every Writer Needs to Know

Thank you to the lovely Empress over at Good Day, Regular People and the equally fantasmic San Diego Momma for sharing this link. And, of course, to Ira Glass for sharing the best-kept secret to writing.


Filed under Inspiration, Motivation, Trials and Tribulations

6 responses to “What Every Writer Needs to Know

  1. Elena Aitken

    Perfect. That is all.

  2. So simple, yet something I tend to forget. Thank you!

  3. This is so wonderful, it made me cry good tears.

    We cannot give up!!!!

  4. Koreen

    Thanks for sharing this video. It’ good to remember we aren’t expected to be masters right away.

  5. I just love this. Love.

    So apparently, I have a lot of writing to do…
    (And also, maybe, good taste. Fingers crossed.)

  6. Oh, I can soooooooo relate to this, especially these last few weeks!

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