Coffee = fuel for restless writers

EspressoI wholly believe that writers are a restless bunch who need a change of scenery every so often to write at their best. Starbuck’s coffee shops and William’s cafes are filled with writers and poets who find inspiration among the aroma and vibe of the local java joint.

A few years ago, the Toronto Star asked some coffee-shop writers what they were working on. An article today follows up with those same writers to see how far they’ve come.

The next time you’re settled into a cosy chair in your favourite cafe, strike up a conversation with the scribbler beside you. You never know if that writer will be the next Giller Prize winner.



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5 responses to “Coffee = fuel for restless writers

  1. BJas

    Coffee shops are the ultimate place to listen to “people-chat” — check it out: next time you’re at the local joint, be sure to jot down the conversations that you hear… it will make for some remarkable dialogue in your story, novel, screenplay etc., especially the real juicy bits.

  2. No question about it – those of us writers without an office find wonderful refuge in Starbucks. I’d think it was weird to go in there and NOT see 20 people on their laptops! 🙂

  3. restlesswriters

    Thanks for the comment, John. We love hearing from other Restless Writers about where they like to work.


  4. Tricia

    I write at Second Cup and Future Bakery in Toronto. I see many people on laptops but have yet to see a serious writer. Weird eh? I see a lot of students struggling to get their assignments done and people surfing the internet. I sure wish I could meet up with writers to share a table with. No talking necessary. Just it would be nice to have someone watch my stuff when I use the washroom, etc and vice versa.

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