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Is Blogging Really the New Black?

Last weekend I read one of my favourite blogs, The Little Henhouse, and she linked to a fabulous post by  San Diego Momma in which SDM expounded on the reasons that she blogs and how those reasons have altered over time. What resonated with me as a new blogger and writer was the evolution of blogging from a creative outlet to a revenue stream, complete with branding and social media marketing plans.

I completely agree with the comments of these two sassy broads because I see myself as a writer first, with blogging as a means to an end. It’s an online portfolio that allows me to regularly flex my creative muscles and I’m still very pleasantly surprised that anyone other than immediate family reads what I write. The second I start worrying about stats or sponsorships, my stomach starts to hurt. And that gets in the way of enjoying butter tarts with wine at our monthly meetings. You see where I’m going with this…?

Let us know what you think of SDM’s post.


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