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Spread the Light

Do you like to write poetry? Are you on Twitter?

Consider joining in a collaborative Twitter poem Wednesday June 20, 8 – 10 pm EST, in celebration of the solstice. The theme, naturally, is Light.

How does this copoem work? Simply get on Twitter and tweet a line or two of original poetry. Make sure to include the hashtag keyword #copoem in your tweet so it doesn’t get lost. (If you search using the hashtag key you will be able to see what others have written too.)

Afterwards, the tweets will be gathered and stitched together – perhaps with an edit or two – and the final poem will be posted at www.karenkachra.com. Who knows what we’ll come up with…it’s an experiment!

Thanks to Tara T. @tara_in_canada for this fun idea and Karen Kachra @karenkachra for organizing everything!

Happy Solstice,
The Restless Writers


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A Magical Time to Write: Summer Solstice

Do you feel a little more inspired today?

We’re celebrating Summer Solstice 2010, the first day of summer—also the longest day of the year, with the shortest night (night owls: take note).

Solstice represents a time of newness, nourishment and sustenance, a movement from dark to light, rebirth, and healing. It’s a time to turn attention toward inner balance—between our dark and light sides—as well as those forces in the world around us. An occasion of great change, Midsummer is a time to contemplate healing, nurturing and nourishing of ourselves & the earth.

Summer solstice is also the perfect time to start writing and/or perhaps give a writing project new life. What do ya say restless writers?

 On The Summer Solstice …
“Whatever is dreamed on this night, will come to pass.”

William Shakespeare – Acknowledging the magic of this time in A Mid-Summernight’s Dream



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