Are you super talented or just crazy?

Like many of you, I procrastinate by watching videos on You Tube.

Instead of writing, I find myself watching funny Jennifer Lawrence clips (that Katniss cracks me up) or the latest in Sophia Grace and Rosie (cuz I kinda love female rappers, even if they are only 8 yrs old—thank you, Ellen!). But have you ever tried to find a GOOD video about writing fiction? Book trailers do not count, plus, they are just weird.

I finally stumbled on a good writing video. If you’re a writer and have two minutes to chuckle (your protagonist can wait), check out John Hodgman’s advice to writers via the You Tube Channel known as THNKR. You might know him as an American actor, author and humourist, and he’s also been on The Daily Show and Attach of the Show (G4 TV) as a guest many times.

So, which category do you fall into? Crazy, mediocre, or super talented?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.


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5 responses to “Are you super talented or just crazy?

  1. kp

    Hi Beckie…How are you? Great video…I hope you have been tearing yourself away from the computer once in awhile to enjoy the beautiful weather. Kim

  2. Maria McDonald

    Nice pick, Beckie! I like to think I have great big swathes of low/medium talent; moments of crazy; and a few miniscule and brief flashes of super-talent. Hopefully writing more, and writing more often, will help me balance things out a bit.

  3. bjas

    Maria, I happen to think you are super-talented!!! And I promise to continue to push you to submit your work and show your gifts to the world.

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