Writing on the run: paper or pixels?

Texting on a BlackBerryDo you scribble in pen on any writable surface when you’re out and about?

Or do you record your thoughts on whatever mobile device you happen to be lugging around (i.e. BlackBerry, iPhone, netbook, laptop)?

For me, it depends where I am when inspiration strikes. I was putting on mascara in a late-for-work panic this morning when I had a great idea for some dialogue. Luckily, I had my BlackBerry within reach, and emailed myself the details. (Yes, I had my BlackBerry with me in the bathroom. You’ll never know when I’m tweeting “en toilette,” will you?)

At the doctor’s office last week, I was well prepared with a little spiral notebook and my favourite pen. I was still scribbling when the nurse was taking my temperature.

So how about you? Is it paper and pen, or thumbs and phones?



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12 responses to “Writing on the run: paper or pixels?

  1. It used to be all paper.

    Now it’s all pixels – because I have learned if I write something vital on paper – it will get tossed, lost, or chewed on by my 15 month old.

  2. I’m of the old school (or is that the deprived generation?) and don’t own a Blackberry or iPhone. I always have my notebook and a pen in my purse, but around home I grab my laptop. There are more files on the desktop with titles like “Misc”, “Note to Me”, and “Ideas” than there are works in progress! At my bedside there’s a notebook for nighttime eurekas, with a pen that lights up when clicked.

    • Ha, I’m the same way! I have files like, “Random Thoughts,” “Random Business Ideas,” “Random Journal Entries.” Are you getting the theme here…?

      I covet your pen that lights up, by the way.

  3. Great prompt, Maria! For me, it’s a toss up between paper & my netbook. Although the paper-thing is getting a wee bit iffy, I’m rather paranoid lately about losing my purse—not because of losing my wallet (or the rest of my life-in-a-bag) but the reality that I may lose my mind (aka my notes)!

    • Well, I wasn’t paranoid about losing the paper notes in my purse until you mentioned it… Eek!

      I have a desktop computer, a laptop, a netbook, a BlackBerry, and a voice recorder. Synching all my files can be challenging, to say the least…

  4. Elena Aitken

    I’m a note book girl. I love jotting ideas down in my journal. I’ve never emailed myself things from my Blackberry but….I think I’ll try that.
    Thanks for the great post, Maria.

  5. I’m a bit of both. I love stationery, so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to throw over my notebooks, but I also use my iTouch to make notes and record voice memos when I’m out and about.

  6. I scribble!

    You should tweet about tweeting from the bathroom!

  7. I don’t have a mobile device, except my digital camera. It doesn’t take notes but I have used it to take a photo of information I want to read when I get home and can load the photo to my computer.

    I keep paper and pens in my purse almost always. I write notes, ideas and drawings any time I get an idea or have time to just let my mind wander.

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