Table 28 reeks of awesome

The Surrey International Writers’ Conference was a hit!

The conference was a three-day bootcamp full of inspiration and motivation from the finest. Unfortunately, I came home with the flu, and I am still attempting to emerge from the post-conference fog. The flu, I should kick in a few days, no doubt. But the new friends, I hope to have for a long long time!

Thanks for the fun ladies! Here’s a little snapshot from Table 28 at the #SiWC2010 Friday night dinner. Yes, we reek of awesome.



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5 responses to “Table 28 reeks of awesome

  1. Yay for Table 28! Perhaps we should photoshop Lori in. Was a fab weekend – great to meet like-minded spirits!

    • Maria McDonald

      Speaking of photoshop, can we please do something about how I look under that awful ballroom lighting? Jeez…that’s going in the evaluation form!

  2. Wow, you rock! I just posted the pic 1 min ago! Now if only I knew how to use photoshop that would be a great idea. Ha. Thanks for the fun, was great to meet you and your writing buds.

  3. Trish L

    Nice pic! Table 28 truly rocked! What an awesome conference and an awesome time. So much fun meeting you all.

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