I am the midnight gardener

During the day, I am consumed with work and family commitments. But the night—it belongs to me. Sure, mostly because that is when I have the time to think about projects outside of grocery shopping, making lunches, and paying bills.

The night is for garden-puttering. If you happen to follow my tweets on twitter, you will already know that I pull weeds by the light of the moon—all while the hubs works with me, sometimes laying interlock stone and other times playing guitar to a chorus of crickets. You will also know we like to kick a soccer ball around the yard in the dark while stargazing.

Much of my late night activity is the result of being a bona-fide night owl. I am always more inspired (and productive) when the sun goes down. That is my time to write, paint, water the geraniums, and simply “be.” It is my time to postulate my next project and put my dreams on my to-do list. It’s also the best time to see the day in a whole new light. And what a treat it is to wake up the next morning and observe the results of midnight toil-abouts! Now, if only the neighbors would stop leaving garlic on our front porch (for real). We are not vamps, people. We just enjoy the night.

What can I say? Life happens. I happen later…

What keeps you up at night? What is your midnight garden?


P.S. Books (with pretty covers) also keep me up at night. I’m reading some great garden fiction right now:

  • GARDEN SPELLS by Sarah Addison Allen

Looking for more garden fiction? Check out these Library-recommended novels that have to do with gardens or growing green things. Fun titles like: SECOND THYME AROUND, CREEPING JENNY, BAD GIRL CREEK, and TULIP FEVER! You know you want to…. click here.


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2 responses to “I am the midnight gardener

  1. Great post Beckie! For the first time ever I’m becoming a night owl too… I love the quite of the night and the peace of no interruptions. Although, I don’t seem to get as much accomplished as you do in these hours…

  2. Thanks Andrea! That is probably because you are up at 6 am (with the “centre of your universe”)! Did more midnight gardening tonight….. planted burning bush, beauty berry, and castle wall holly. Grow, baby, grow! Can’t wait til morning to see the results…. mulch is tricky in the dark.

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