20 Sleeps til Spring

The Cadbury Cream Eggs are on store shelves. The days are longer. The sky more blue. The shutters are beginning to rattle gently as the March winds lie in wait—soon to be April showers to grow the May flowers. What will March bring for us Restless Writers?  Well, we’re currently working on adding some new goods to the blog. Including a jazzed up look and most definitely more posts. We’re pumped. It’s 2010 and we’ve got a great year ahead. Check it out:

  • Our 1st birthday in June
  • A special meeting with literary guests
  • Countdown to Query letter mayhem
  • The Surrey Writers’ Conference in B.C.
  • First novels, second novels…and sleep

How do you plan to throw open your shutters?!


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One response to “20 Sleeps til Spring

  1. restlesswriters

    I can’t believe it’ll be our first birthday in June! I’m looking forward to the celebration–and more great meetings to come.

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