The road to work is paved with whatever you want it to be

This blog is inspired by my not-so-inspiring commute to work.  And (why not?) En Vogue: back to life, back to reality, back to the here and now, yeah.

Okay, so the days are already shorter, the nights are cooler and the season we look forward to all year has zippered by. Back to work. Back in my car. Rolling past the same-old, leaving my thoughts by the roadside. Artlessly, taking every opportunity to read, I spend a good forty minutes glancing at and interpreting rented mobile signs—which surprisingly can pass the time and provide some unexpected entertainment.

Here’s what the local Dirt Depot has to say: “Hey Dads! We have Mums” (and they certainly do! Red, orange, and yellow).

Fall is here. The earth has shifted. The pumpkins have bodies. And here I am reading road signs on my way to work. We’ll call it research! My thoughts swirl in space and time. I contemplate direction. My direction. And I wonder IF I do not change my direction, am I likely to end up where I’m headed? This thought scatters as quickly as it gathered. Then, I find myself thinking about the endeavouring employee tasked with putting plastic letters on mobile signs. I wonder if he is laughing. Out loud. Especially this guy—dressing his sign with: “Our vacuums really suck.”

Today, I tell myself: “back to work” is a good thing. It means I am employed. I am eating. I am shopping. And I‘m paying the bills. And even laughing some mornings, finding humour in unexpected places—even if I am in my car and on my commute into the city…

Reading mobile road signs.

Drinking my steeped tea.

Contemplating direction… and the general course along which my thoughts have a tendency to develop.

Tomorrow, I may tell myself “back to home” is a better thing. Should that be the case, it will mean I have won the lottery. The jackpot of time itself.

B Jas

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