Restless writers unite!

Welcome to the Restless Writers’ blog.

As the person who thought it would be cool for our writing group to use a blog, I am tasked with coming up with our first blog post.

This blog will be authored by the members of a new writing group. I’ll let them introduce themselves later. I’ll introduce myself later too. (Let me just get this first post out of the way, and I’ll turn into a blogging machine.)

For now, let me just say that we are a fledgling group of writers with various writing interests and experience. Some of us have completed manuscripts and are looking for agents. Some of us have just bought a new pen.

We need motivation. We want to read our work aloud in a safe place to hear what each other thinks. We are interested in sharing our daily challenges and triumphs. We think we would enjoy a glass of wine while we do it.

Some of the posts in this blog will be password-protected—if I can figure out the technology—so please don’t be offended if you can’t read everything we post here. Some of our work may not be ready for the world.

But we will share most of the story of our collective writing adventure with anyone who wants to hear it.

I hope other new writers visit us every now and then, and share their thoughts on starting a writing life.

Maria McDonald

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