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Office Space

I’m procrastinating right now. I’m cleaning my office space and looking at pictures of “great places to write.” My intended post for today was about something far more writerly (i.e. six word bios). But instead, I share with you some of the fashionable and quirky snapshots I’m peeking at for inspiration.

According to Stephen King, in his book On Writing, the ideal place to write “has no telephone, certainly no TV or video games for you to fool around with. If there’s a window, draw the curtains or pull down the shades unless it looks out at a blank wall.”

Let’s see which of these fit the bill. One of these workstations is my own, can you guess which one? (it’s not the cushy prison cell, in case you’re wondering).

Virginia Woolf famously insisted that in order to write professionally a woman must have “a room of her own.” I’m fortunate to have such a space. And so, on that note. Back to work I go…

What’s your perfect writing spot? Public library? Café? Hotel room? Front porch? Or perhaps a cork-lined room?

I think the best place to write is probably exactly where you are.



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A room of my own

My husband is very respectful of the time I need to write.

If I’m typing away, he does not interrupt me with invitations to watch television; requests to sample his latest culinary feat; and pleas to, for the love of God, vacuum the stairs.

What is more of a challenge is ensuring I have space of my own in which to write, and the home office is getting a bit crowded with stuff. The stuff belongs to both of us—it’s mine and ours. Things like:

  • All the books we own
  • Wrapping paper and ribbons
  • An extra dining room chair
  • Malfunctioning Roomba parts
  • Cat litter
  • A recently acquired set of encyclopedias
  • Three empty CPUs
  • Textbooks, binders and sundries from my hubby’s cooking classes

While it’s easy to simply clear a path, settle into the office chair and peck away at the keyboard—because physically, what else do I need?—I find that I want more space for writing.

I want elbow room on the desk for when I peer out the window and noodle out a plot problem. I’d like to install a coffee pot so I don’t have to run up and down the stairs. I want a reading table so I don’t have to set up a secondary workstation in the living room every time I read the latest Writer’s Digest.

I need less ours and more mine.

How do my fellow Restless Writers carve out space at home to write?


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