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How garage sales are like editing

The weather was good to us today. The rain even held off til the end of our event—a garage sale in the country. Today, we edited our home (and our lives) and it felt GREAT!

It took us about a week to clean out each room in the house in prep to sell our wares. And oh the lovely wares: bikes, beds, games, and gadgets. Accumulation. Everyone does it. And for me and my hubs, two greenies at best, we definitely have our share of objects destined for repurposing and recycling. We are dreadfully guilty of giving treasures new life, which means, parting with trinkets can often feel like selling a kidney.

And people want them organs, let me tell ya. The characters came a-crawlin’ in seek of something for nothing: wedding goers (dressed to the nines) killing time till dinner, dudes ditching family picnics, musicians waiting their gig-time downtown, antique dealers, farmers, cyclists, the boo radleys—the works. We also had the escarpment tourists and the boldest barterers, looking to trade six cobs of corn and a cantaloupe for an old wagon. And what the hell? Guess what we had for dinner? Yep, corn on the cob.

Having a garage sale today felt a lot like editing my manuscript. It went something like this. Clean a room. Remove crap. Change my mind. Put crap back. Take another look. Remove the crap again. Repeat. This is a similar process of revision that I scuffle through with my middle-grade fiction novel. The only difference being: I have sold the damn wagon—and not the manuscript.


Progress update: My agent-search continues, with 3 full MS requests & 5 partials. Bring it on. Haggle me. I’m ready.

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Who do YOU write like?

Okay, so, it’s almost Friday and I’m in for a little brainless fun. How ’bout that (as my grandfather would say). Simple. Writing. FUN.

Do you ever wonder which famous writer you write like?

I WRITE LIKE is a site with a statistical analysis tool, which analyzes your word choice and writing style and compares them with those of the famous writers. So, I gave it a go and plopped my first paragraph of my Middle Grade novel into the program:


It all started with the man in the pinstriped suit. The kind of suit you get off the rack—and on sale. This man was Mr. Andy Beers and he turned my world upside down. He was a salesman of sorts. He sold my house. I saw the fateful handshake, the smiles, my dad’s bobbing chin and my mom’s perky performance at the kitchen table. I saw it all unfold from the relative safety of my swing. My parents had been washed over for sure by this stranger in the Lincoln Town Car. For a girl, I knew my cars, and as soon as I saw Mr. Beers drive up in that big boat, I knew he’d take my parents for a ride.

There ya have it.  Analysis complete. Apparently, I write like Corey Doctorow—a fellow Canadian (also a blogger, journalist, & sci-fi writer). If you’d like to give it a try, visit www.iwl.me. Any text in English will do: your latest blog post, journal entry, comment, chapter of your unfinished book, etc. For reliable results paste at least a few paragraphs (not tweets).

And while you’re at it, let us know your results. Which famous writer do YOU emulate?!



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