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Link Envy

It’s that time again! Our weekly round-up of links that make us green in a good way.

Restless Lori:

Write For Kids
I’m hopping on the kidlit train with BJas! A children’s book has been percolating in my brain for a few months and now it’s ready to get on the page. This is a great blog run by Jon Bard and Laura Backes full of fantastic information about the industry, trends, etc.

Living a Life of Writing
I think Maria and Beckie will really enjoy this site – it’s all about the many ways to live the life of a writer. Plus, there are helpful topics like, “How to Not Lose Your Mind Writing.”

Restless Bjas:

Adventures in Children’s Publishing
Happy Birthday to these ladies and their awesome blog for kidlit writers. They have some great Blogiversary Giveaways for Writers! And a fab “First Chapter Critique Giveaway” with Literary Agent, Natalie Fischer.

Write to Done
I’m a fan of this site and their “unmissable articles on writing.” It’s run by Leo Babauta, better known for his Zen Habits blog. Write To Done is his way to share learnings as a writer, with new (and experienced) writers looking to improve their craft and their art.

Miss Write
A blog full of literary swagger to help you write like a rock star! Miss Write is armed with a solid foundation of writing tips & advice and delivers them with her trademark sassy attitude. She does a great writin’ round-up too!

Restless Maria:

Okay, I’ll admit, most jokes about current events fly right over my head. I’m not up to speed on which celebrity is dating which athlete, and I would be the first one to say “I don’t get it” if the punchline is Charlie Sheen. But if you’re looking to share a great hyphen-related giggle, I’m your gal. Here are some sites I’m loving for keeping me in grammatical hysterics.

English Whirled Wide
Check out the Twitter account or the Facebook page for the best of Engrish from around the world. The best posts are when native English speakers get it wrong.

This tweep is inspired to share funny typos, thanks to an English teacher. I am inspired to enjoy them, thanks to my dad who always pointed out when the newspaper confused “its” and “it’s.”

Why we need hyphens (from the Grammar Monkeys)
The fab Grammar Monkeys from the Wichita Eagle’s copy desk tweet about how to avoid making embarrassing grammatical errors. I’m all for it, but if everyone knew how to handle hyphens, I would be deprived of my favourite source of amusement.


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WriteOnCon: Online Children’s Writers Conference

How would you like to attend a Writing Conference in your PJ’s?

Well, now you can! Registration opens July 1st for a FREE online writer’s conference for kidlit writers–called WriteOnCon. The conference is rated MC-18, for Main Characters under 18 only and is created by writers, for writers.

If you are a YA, Middle Grade or Children’s writer looking for a convention that works with your busy schedule and limited budget–then this is for YOU.

When? August 10-12, 2010
Where? http://writeoncon.com/
How? Various forms of social media

Why attend? Because Steven Malk, Catherine Drayton, Michelle Andelman, Suzie Townsend, Mark McVeigh, Joanna Stampfel-Volpe, Kathleen Ortiz, Lindsay Eland, Dan Ehrehaft, Mandy Hubbard, Lindsey Leavitt, Josh Berk, Anica Rissi, Jodi Meadows and many, many more will be joining YOU.

If you are serious about your writing, irrespective of the genre, then you already know the benefits of attending a writer’s conference certainly outweigh the decision not to attend. So, what are you doing August 10th?

Need help “Making the most out of a writing conference? Click here.


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