We’re Ready For Our Close Up

Who is your celebrity doppelganger? Do people tell you so-and-so should play you in a movie? My best one was Marissa Tomei. The worst? Rosie O’Donnell. Also, after I got an unfortunate haircut in the late 90’s, Monica Lewinsky (seriously – I was stopped in the street about it).

Being a fiction writer and pop culture junkie, I’m always holding casting sessions in my mind for my stories. (FYI, Nia Vardalos, you are the lead in my manuscript, along with Bradley Cooper. You’re welcome.)

At our most recent, booze-infused meeting, the topic came up of who we would want to play us in a movie, tentatively titled “Champagne: A Love Story”.

First up, Maria.

This one was easy: Christina Hendricks. They each have beautiful crimson tresses, quiet intelligence and an impressive rack. Also, both can rock the naughty secretary thing like nobody’s business.

Casting Beckie was a bit more tricky.

We tossed out Mena Suvari, Alicia Silverstone and Kate Hudson. But to me, they’re too ingénue. Too obvious. Our little Beckie has some seriously delicious quirks that those ladies don’t capture for me. So, Leelee Sobieski it is. She’s super cute and you just know her still waters run very deep.

And me?

I’m gonna go with Nigella Lawson. Sure, she’s not an actress, but she’s got big-ass hair, isn’t afraid to show some cleavage (hers real, mine more of an optical illusion) and is a mad demon in the kitchen.

And, in case you haven’t noticed, food plays a vital role in a Restless Writers’ meeting, much like New York City is the fourth character in Sex and the City.

Who would play you in the movie of you?


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  1. bjas

    By far, my favorite post Lori! Absolutely love it. LOVE IT!

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