Here’s what’s blowing up my skirt and other fun (Beckie)

Cool addition to the blog, Maria! Here’s some interesting trivia (just because it’s fun). 2009 happened to mark the 55th anniversary of the filming of Marilyn Monroe’s skirt scene—the famous picture of Monroe, laughing as her skirt is blown up by the blast from a subway vent from The Seven Year Itch.

 Okay, so, I’m no Marilyn, but here’s what’s blowing up my skirt!

What I’m reading:  I just finished “Wake” by Lisa McMann (first in a new and hot YA trilogy) and have learned that my dreams are not my own. I’m also into “Sage-ing While Age-ing” by Shirley MacLaine, which I seem to always be coming back to, to read excerpts and chapters over and over again. MacLaine is brilliant. Brave. Fearless. Provocative. Okay, so what’s next? I have cracked the cover of “Something Borrowed,” by Emily Giffin and only because it was handed to me (very nicely) by a fellow restless writer in an effort to cure my chick-lit ignorance. It’s also a library book (and not signed out by me!) which creates a bit of urgency to finish! I have already learned two very important facts: 1) that those mass-market sized romance novels are NOT chick lit; and 2) chick-lit is fiction written by women for women. And it’s damn funny!


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  1. restlesswriters

    Isn’t it peculiar that people–women included–continue to look down on chick lit as something insubstantial or even shameful? Since when did the weighty emotional episodes of our lives become thus? With themes including love, betrayal, poverty, heartache, career ambition, friendship, politics and world peace, I say that chick lit is so much more than fluff. Doesn’t Harlequin sell like four books every second? So read your Emily Griffins, Jennifer Weiners and Sophie Kinsellas with pride, ladies!

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