How to become a famous writer before you’re dead

Well, I do believe we have Maria to thank—for her courage to blog to us Restless Writers and for giving us a safe place and a yet-to-be discovered voice. I hear an echo, Restless or Dead? Where is everyone? On the advice of Aerial Gore (How to Become a Famous Writer before You’re Dead, Three Rivers Press, 2007): GET TO BLOGGING! So, I am blogging. This is me blogging. Now what? Actually, this is me procrastinating. It is the eve of our first writing group deadline and our works are not yet floating freely to one another. Could it be that we’re all just preoccupied with ‘life’—or is it that we are frantically finishing work to make a great first impression on our peers? My dilemma is selecting what to bloody well send?! I write YA and Middle Grade fiction, Children’s Picture Books, Screenplays, and Non-Fiction (Environment/Nature). I have Query letters for about six different projects right now, all of which boast spotty (and special) characters with motivations demanding of my indulgence in their life! What’s an (almost famous) girl to do? I imagine it will be the character with the strongest pull on my gut, the one that currently tugs on my will to bring them into this world. Begging. Pleading. Pick Me! Perhaps this process is kind of like falling off a log. There is no simple, perfect, or splendid way to fall off a log—you just fall, damn-it. I came across something earlier today that might inspire some Restless Writer courage on the eve of our destruction (I mean, deadline). It goes something like this: “there is no such thing as bad writing, just bad reading.” In other words, keep putting words down no matter what. Blogging counts. What are you waiting for? Let nothing stand in the way of your inspiration, no matter how disjointed, tedious or uninspired it is. Structure and coherence are for suckers (The Roeder Report, Aug, 2008). On that note, it’s time to submit your work ladies, fall off that log, and get the hell back to writing!

P.S. If you’d like more Gore, check out

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  1. restlesswriters

    I like your bit about how to choose which project to focus on, and going with your gut. I have one story that I’ve been working on for several months, and I keep thinking there’s something wrong with it, or with my writing. It’s a fascinating idea to me, but I’ve been struggling. Maybe I don’t believe in the characters or the plot–it just doesn’t pull at my gut. I made the decision to put it aside for a while, and focus on a different story that is saying “Pick me!” MM

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